Family, Friendship, Love, Creativity, Time (Yours and Mine), Hard Work, Efficiency, Originality, Honesty,  Teamwork, Transparency, Happy Hour, My Dog (if I had one), Surprises, Memories, Risk, Serendipity, Quick Goodbyes,  October 15th, April 5th, April 13th, The Bacon at Peter Luger’s, a Plain Slice of Joe’s Pizza, a Pastrami Sandwich from Katz’s, the Pretzel Croissant from City Bakery, a Banh Mi from the Banh Mi Saigon Café, the Lox at Russ and Daughters,  a Hamantaschen from Moishe’s Bakery, Anything Animal Style from In-N-Out Burger, a Pastor de Pollo Burrito from Coyo, Chinese Food on Sunday Nights, Coffee (black), a Martini on a Date Night, a Beer after Work, a Scotch with the Boys, Art, Andy Warhol, Ed Rusha, Richard Serra, Shepard Fairy, Photography, the Old Whitney Museum (Where I took my wife on our first date) Typography, Sagmeister, Victore, Draplin, Graphic Novels, Brian K. Vaughan, Superman, Music, Music, Music, Comedy, Podcasts, Movies, Magazines (I subscribe to them all),  Photobooths, My iPhone, My Skateboard, My Archive of Sketchbooks, Physical Phitness, Tennis, Half-Marathoning, New York Fucking City, 253 Elizabeth Street. Boston, Maine, Sydney, Summer Camp, The Beach, and Home.

All of these things have stories. Wanna hear em? 

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